Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspiration Week: People

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival." - C. S. Lewis

Have you ever gone to a park to watch children play? Ever sat down in an airport terminal to watch the passersby? Have you taken an extra long lunch at a local cafe just so you could people-watch? To me, there is nothing so inspiring as people. My mom was the first to instruct me in the art of people-watching as we sat in the Salt Lake City airport waiting for my flight to meet for the first time the man who would eventually become my husband. (Yes, you read that right. Funny story!) The point is that from that simple moment came a beginning for me. It was the start of my love for people.

Perhaps the most inspiring people are not the strangers we see as we walk between downtown shops, but those we hold near and dear to us. My husband and two little boys are by far the most inspiring things in my life. But inspiration isn't singular. I also feel most creative in my associations with friends - in the which I include all of you. To that end, I want to thank several of you for your kindness and inspiring thoughts directed at me. This post has been a long time in coming and it is lengthy so bear with me! I really need to show my appreciation for the blog awards I have received.

*"From Me to You Award" from Christine Danek

  1. Nobody can pronounce my real name. Thus Nisa was born.

  2. I love opera, classical music.

  3. My grandpa owns his own big band and they perform all over southern Utah, thus my love of jazz and jitterbug was born.

  4. I am a terrible liar as you will soon see.

  5. I love change. Love it! Moving around every 2-3 years suits me just fine.

  6. I have this dream of performing the role of Christine Daae in The Phantom of the Opera and Marguerite in The Scarlett Pimpernel.

  7. I gave up chasing #6 for my ultimate dream - to be a mom.

* "The Sunshine Award" from Stina Lindenblatt
* "The Quillfeather Award" from Laurel Garver - I like my eggs over easy.
* "Butterfly Award" from Tamika - I have to mention that I love butterflies!
* "Prolific Blogger Award" from Emily Ann Benedict
* "Super commenter Award" from Lindsey Edwards
* Lesa's Bald Faced Liar "Creative Writer" Award from Shannon O'Donnell, Jemi Fraser,
Laura Diamond, Angie Lofthouse, Danyelle Leafty

Apparently, a lot of you want to see how well I can lie... For this one I'm to tell you 5-6 outrageous lies and 1-2 outrageous truth, so here goes!
  1. I had the opportunity to perform a leading role at the Boston Opera House and had to take a flight out there. I ended up meeting my future husband to boot!
  2. I have stepped foot on all seven continents and must say that Antarctica was my favorite!
  3. I spent four years telling my now husband that I just wanted to be friends before I finally married him. It took him chasing after someone new to get me to overcome my commitment issues.
  4. I once met Richard Marx and got to talk about writing lyrics with him. It was so cool!
  5. I speak five languages fluently. French, German, Italian, English and Arabic.
  6. I had the chance to perform at Carnegie Hall, but turned it down as I was making wedding preparations at the time.
  7. My husband and I had our first date in St. Louis, our second date in Boston and our third in Salt Lake City. He decided to move to Utah after the third date and we were married a moth later.
(For the award pictures, you can check out the bottom of the page.)

And if you've made it this far, wow! I'm impressed! Go enter the contest I'm hosting this week. You deserve it!


  1. Congrats on all your awards! You are a wonderful person and a great friend. People are definitely the best inspiration!

  2. Fun! Congrats on all the awards. I've been slacking in that regard.

    I'm gonna guess that #1 is at least partially true and 7 is fully true. (Knowing that he's in the military though might mean it's only partly true.)

  3. Wait, What is your full name??
    I am going to guess that the very last one is true. I know I'm wrong- I suck at these. Which only means you're a good liar in my book ;-)

  4. I didn't know you like opera and classical music! What do you think of Wagner? Tristan and Isolde?

    Anyways, I can't tell which one or two are the truth! I'll have to keep watching your posts to find out. :)

  5. Congratulations, Nisa!

    I think you gave up Carnegie to get married. Am I right? Love wins every time.


  6. LOL I met my husband online and got engaged before we met in person for the first time :)

    I love that quote, great post!

  7. Great! Your husband meeting stories must be fascinating. I have no idea what is truth or lies, but I can only imagine that the one about Carnegie Hall is a lie. No one would turn down that chance. Postpone the wedding!

  8. I'd say you're a great liar 'cause I can't guess which are true. Obviously I'm too trusting (or gullible). :D

    Congrats on all the awards! You deserve them.

  9. Congrats on the awards! I think the first statement was true.

  10. Congrats! And I love to people watch too! You can learn so much from just watching.

  11. Congrats on all your award. Really well deserved. And you are so right about inspiration. :)

  12. I know how to pronounce your first name. Hah!

    I think it was number 7 that's true.

    And people watching is awesome. That's one reason why I majored in Psychology.

  13. Congrats on receiving all of those awards:)

    I'm going to go random and select number 1 and 4 as the truth.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Congratulations Nisa!

    The first statement has to be true!

  16. Will you tell us which ones are lies and which ones are true? I'm curious (and not nearly brave enough to guess). :-)

  17. Congrats on all the awards :)

    I stink at guessing. Hmm... I think I'll say #6 is the true one - I like that!

  18. I love classical music, too--but not because I sing, but that I play piano.

    Hmmm....I'm good at lying, but bad at figuring out which is a lie...

  19. I'm a huge Phantom and Scarlet Pimpernel fan too :-)

  20. Thanks for all your comments and support. You all are awesome! And for those of you who said you are horrible at guessing, I am right there with you!

    Christina, it's Janyece. But I've been called pretty much everything in the "J" spectrum.

    Aubrie, I love the romantic period best, but I do like Wagner. :)

    Kat, I'll definitely tell you. :)

    Beth, my mom is the pianist in our family. I play just well enough to get by, but would never play in public! It would be catastrophic!

    Portia, that is awesome! I don't know too many people who've heard the music from Scarlet Pimpernel, but it is one of my favorites!


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