Thursday, August 29, 2013

Beginning Again

I love beginnings. There's excitement, adventure, and endless possibility. I have found something out about myself in the last year. I cannot live without hope. I am not the kind of person that despairs. I worry, get frustrated, weep, but hope is always a constant companion. I'm not sure that's always a good thing because the higher the flight, the greater the fall, right? Regardless, I cannot stop myself from hoping. Now it's time to hope I can get back into this blogging thing. I think it's time for another new beginning.

I do need/want to blog again, but I'm not promising regularity. You see, I'm still homeschooling my kids, which takes a lot of time. I'm in a new country, Macedonia, which demands exploration, of course, and I've been working hard on my novels again. I say again because sometimes life demands your attention and you can't do anything but give it. That's been my life since I got pregnant last July, moved here, and lost the baby the 27th of Dec. Writing just couldn't be a priority then.

Please, excuse the intermittent posts, but I would love the support of the writing community again as I start on round 2 of this blogging journey. (Or is this round 3, 4 or 5? Who's counting?)

Though this update is a bit lengthy, I will definitely hold to my position that normal posts will be brief. I hope to visit all of your blogs again soon! (Though give me time. I hear google reader doesn't exist anymore? What's a girl to do?)