Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Was Just Thinking

It's a good thing thinking about my story counts for something because that's the extent of my creative energy at the moment. That did get me to thinking, what do you do to stop feeling guilty about not being able to write when life just overwhelms? I know I'm not the only one this has ever happened to and at the moment, I'm just too tired to even feel guilty about it, but I do know the shame will come! I should be writing!

For me, I have to go through a mental or sometimes written list of the things I've done just to remind myself of all the non-writing "to-do"s I have accomplished! It's usually an eye-opener. When I get to the point where I can start writing again (next Tuesday hopefully barring a natural disaster), I have to start with small goals because, for some reason, getting started again can seem rather overwhelming in and of itself.

Do you have any tips or thoughts on the stop and go of writing? Sometimes life doesn't even bring these on. How do you get motivated to start writing something new after working so hard on a now completed novel?

Monday, May 18, 2009


Villains. What makes them so interesting? I'm not a villain. In fact, I think my friends would call me a prude, but I love villains! I've written an entire musical based on my love for the villain in Sleeping Beauty. Well, it's more than just about Moira, but she is by far my favorite character. By. far. So what makes her so interesting? What's the fascination? As a little girl, I remember watching old movies where the girl was always drawn to the bad boy and I always thought that was so stupid and then I grew up. It's not that I ever found myself wanting to date a rebel, but there's something so alluring about them. The snarky thief, the power-crazed brother of the king, the jealous wife, the bitter outcast. They sure make good reads.

My philosophy is that these characters are more round than the hero could ever be. They have more layers than an onion and dissecting them to see what they're really made of is nothing short of a thrilling roller coaster ride. We are made up of memories and mistakes.

Granted, there are some villains who were just meant to be hated. I couldn't pick up a novel about child abuse. I wouldn't make it through the first chapter without chucking the book across the room I'm sure. Not all villains are intriguing.

Kind of a random post, but Windsong's comments got me thinking about it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Bit of Dialogue

So in answer to Elana's gauntlet, here's my bit of dialogue. I don't think I need to explain it. Hopefully it will speak for itself. (Hopefully!)

“Little Syrent, I have so much to teach you.” He grinned.

“Only to use me like you did mother. It’s not going to happen, Denium.” She called him by his first name as an insult. It didn’t faze him. Nothing would.

“So negative. You don’t get that from your mother,” he stared at her.

“Where is she?” she asked coldly.

“Who, Tamber? I haven’t the faintest idea. I only used that to get you to come out of that blasted sorcerer’s highly charmed home. It worked.” He shrugged.

It sounded like the truth, but he had a way of making everything sound true. “And why would you want me? You have so many other children you could pester.”

His eyes gleamed, “Is that what’s bothering you? Put that unpleasant thought out of your head. You’re the only legitimate heir.”

“Heir?” she snorted. “You wouldn’t leave your little treasures with anyone. You’d have them buried with you.”

“True,” he laughed, “but I’d forgive you if you dug them up and kept them.”

She rolled her eyes. “You haven’t changed at all.”

“Were you hoping I had?” He examined her as she opened and shut her mouth. “You had,” he exclaimed, “In that, you are like your mother.”

“Not so naive to believe in you,” she managed belatedly. “What do you want?”

“You are obviously not interested in a heart to heart so I’ll make this quick. Your magic, Syrent. I need it.”

Thursday, May 14, 2009

After These Messages

We'll be right back! Remember that old jingle from Saturday morning cartoon watching? Well, that's about how my brain is functioning these days. I have made headway on my WiP, but no killer word counts this week and more editing. Not a bad thing at all since real life keeps swooping in to remind me of all the things I need to get done in the next five weeks. Technically less than that since the minute my parents land in the DC area, we'll be doing more touring and playing than anything else. (Yes, I can't wait!) Less than a month!

At the moment, I'm spending more time wading through the piles of stuff that have collected like cobwebs in the corners of every room. I swear my house is the receiving end of a black hole. Where did all this stuff come from? Oh yes, I have children. Now I remember... Anyway, Between now and, well, hmm... August? September? You never know... Until "then", my life is going to be crazy. Fun, but crazy! So if you don't hear from me, it's because I got sucked into the black hole as well, or at least sucked into the boxes that are calling my name. Hmm... Maybe sirens would have been a better analogy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Experimenting with Pitch

Querytracker.net is hosting a contest today on writing one-line pitches. I believe you have to have a finished manuscript in order to enter so I haven't, but I have spent the last few days writing pitches just to see what I could come up with and here's how they went.

When the dead bodies of Vismour's renown begin piling up in the streets and no one, not even God's Elect, are being open about it, can seven unlikely heroes solve the mystery and forestall the darkness?

In a world where power is had by kings and courts, where magic is a thing as tangible as the elements, only the cunning thrive and only one cleric's faith can stop the cunning.

As Eloy tries to discover why Vismour's clerics are dying off under mysterious circumstances and the young thief, Nakine, discovers the bitter realities of joining the guild to hone her skills, a clever antagonist uses them both to caress the power he believes belongs only to him.

In Vismour, deception is a game played best when Babel's Moon shines brightly in the Upper Realms, but while Nakine plays to satiate her lust for wealth, Dreiyn plays to save their world from an evil so vile that not even the God's Elect seem to want to intervene.

In the realm of Vismour, a young girl learns the harsh truth about life on the streets as a hidden power grows and threatens not only the kingdom's faith but also its crown.


So after thinking it through, I have come to the conclusion that I need a lot more practice on writing pitches. Oh yes... a lot more practice! Oh and I think Dreiyn needs a new name, but I haven't stopped to think about that one yet.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It Had to Have Flowers

City of the Dead - Cairo, Egypt

A few other bloggers have been writing short stories this month and the only criteria was that it had to do with flowers. I actually wasn't going to participate because I've been so focused on my novel, but I sat down and wrote these lyrics this morning and thought I'd share an excerpt. It's not a short story, but it does tell a story (in its entirety.) and it does have flowers in it! And, yes, it does have a melody which is not on paper yet. I wish I could share the whole thing, but I did make sure to post the section with the flower.

You're Still There


A wraith watching every move I make
You're still there
Though I saw them place you in your grave
You're still there
And it's so hard not to think of you
When you're still so close, I don't want to move
If you love me, you know what to do
Your breath calls me home
But you're still there


When the rose grows wild, its thorns scrape across my core
When the light goes out and there's literally nothing more
When there's simply nothing left
Will you leave me then?
I envision worlds carved from black
Fear whispers you're not coming back
But I know you're still there

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Green and Embarrassed

This post has a little back story so bear with me here. As you know, I'm just starting this writing process and I'm completely green! A few months ago my cousin's spectacular wife asked me if I'd like to join their writing group. I was absolutely ecstatic! For the duration, we've been reporting on submissions and giving each other support, talking about inspiration and of course writing. When Angie asked to read what I'd written so far, of course, I was happy to pass it along without a thought about critique. I had never envisioned "writing" group to be synonymous with "critique" group. Yesterday, I posted on finding one and the panic that went with it only to log into RallyStorm and find this beautiful critique of my prologue! All right, I will admit to being very green and very embarrassed, but I'm learning... albeit slowly.

As for my weekly update, I have been cruising along and enjoying the ride. The side of me that loves a good pun (or bad in this case...) craved putting "the write" there instead, but I managed to refrain. (Just barely! Notice I still got it in. Ha ha!) I'm currently working on chapter 11 and have 32,000 words behind me. I've also made my first real cut and believe me, I get attached to things easily and it was hard to hit that delete button, but it's done. Whew!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Like the Moon

After running faster than I was meant to and flying even though I have no wings, reality is starting to sink in. What in the world am I doing?? I'm sure this is just a cycle similar to those the moon experiences and if that's so, I'm at the "new moon"
phase; complete and utter darkness or the equivalent of panic! I've been reading about critique groups and contemplating what I should do about finding one. I'm moving in just a meager 45 days and so finding one in my area is out, though that's the method I would prefer. Soon we'll be living in the Bahamas and I'm not sure of how anything will work there having never spent any time on an island before. Will I be able to find a group there? I hope so! Will I be able to get to that group once I find them? Again, nothing but hope. (I'm legally blind and don't actually drive...) Well, all those thoughts aside, my only option now would be to find a group on-line. I started my search after reading several blog entries on the subject, but nothing felt right. Then I read this. That's when the real panic set in. It's not that I'm afraid of critiques. I have a bachelor degree in music, vocal performance no less. Being critiqued was almost a daily occurrence and yes, sometimes it stings, but it's always meant to make me better. No, this anxiety-induced state was brought on when I realized, only naturally, that in being critiqued, I would have to critique others. I haven't sat in a formal English class since high school. I opted to waive out of all the requirements for college (except one Shakespeare class) thanks to my AP English class. I never thought I'd be trying to write for a living... I was never great with punctuation, though I did love diagramming sentences. Sick I know, but I thought it was fun. Still, I couldn't tell you what was what now! And as I read all the amazing things others write, I have to ask myself how I could possibly add anything brilliant to what they've already done? How could any critique I might give actually be helpful? What good would I be to them? So critique group for me? I don't think so! I'm going to hide under the bed and wait for a full moon. Well, at least wait until I can brush up on all things writing technical. That could be a very, very long time coming.

Oh! And yes, I do realize this is no reason to panic. Really, I do...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Favorite Character

This morning, I picked up "The First King of Shannara" by Terry Brooks and upon turning the second page was very disappointed to find that one of his characters has the same last name as my favorite female MC. I don't know if great minds think alike or what, but I really don't want to change it. The character is Nakine Ravenlock and her last name adds as much purpose and meaning to her character as her story does to my plot. Would it be a major faux pas to leave it the same? Having not gotten far in Brooks' novel, I have no idea how major of a character Kinson is...

Here are just a few reasons why Nakine is my favorite character. The first is how real she is to me. She's a piece of me. The piece that would have totally been out of control if I didn't have the gospel of Jesus Christ to ground me. She is sassy, resourceful, intelligent and unafraid. The last definitely is not a quality I possess, but something I would absolutely love to be. She doesn't have the gift of discernment, however. She's curious and a bit devious. Her wrong choices make her hard and she develops a quick temper. She also lusts after gold like nobody's business. It's a passion for her, which leads her to join the thieves' guild. All in all, she's a very endearing character. Hopefully, everyone else will see her that way as well!