Monday, November 14, 2011

Problem with Pre-scheduled Posts

Do you write out your blog posts weeks in advance and schedule them? That's what works for me. I devote an afternoon to writing up blogs, set up the dates, then walk away. The problem with this method is that I miss things that pop up later.

Take today for example. The wonderful and extremely talented J. A. Bennett interviewed me and it's up on her blog today. It didn't get into my pre-scheduled post, so I'm writing one just for her. Check out the interview, but more importantly, get to know her. You will love her!

Check the previous post for last weeks winners!


  1. I just came from J.A.'s, fun post Nisa!

    And yes, I do advance schedule blog posts, it makes it so much easier to manage the blog this way. But every now and then, something comes up to be added in ...

  2. I schedule my posts in advance, but lately it hasn't been working the same, I would blame blogger, but... I think it was my fault.

  3. I pre-write my post, but don't pre-schedule them just in case I have to make some last minute changes like you describe. If nothing changes them its really easy just hit hit publish. :)

  4. Sometimes I pre-write posts, but mainly do them on the spot. I tried a scheduled one and it never worked, so I gave up.


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