Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ali Week: Let's Talk Travel

As a gypsy, I'm fascinated with all things travel. It stands to reason that I have to ask you where your favorite spot is on Earth.

AC: My favorite spot on Earth is a rocky outcropping near Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada. See, this is where the beach/mountain question confused me. That spot on the shore of the Atlantic ocean FEELS like mountain--there is no sand, only rocky outcroppings, pine trees and crashing ocean waves. So it's like the mountains at the beach. ;)

Have your travels influenced your writing?

AC: A little, yeah. I have a middle grade fantasy that is entirely set on Nova Scotia's coast. I can still feel the ocean spray on my face (like bites from vampire icicles) and smell the sea. It made writing the story so vivid and real to me.

Do you prefer writing indoors or outside? 

AC: I think I would probably prefer to write outdoors if I could find a place that wasn't 1) so stinkin' hot or 2) made hazardous by the super shiny sun. As it is, I try to mimic it the best I can by sitting at my desk directly in front of the window in the daytime hours so I can bask in the warm sunshine--that shines on the back of my computer leaving it completely glare free. :)


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  1. Put me down for a chance to win! You are guys are so cute. <3 ya!


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