Friday, November 11, 2011

Ali Week: Launch Day = Grand Prize!

If you could name one thing you'd love to win, what would it be?

AC: I already won the lottery--it's called "a happy family". After that, pretty much everything else is gravy. But I guess I'd love to win free airplane travel forever and ever so I could visit my friends in Idaho and my sister in Nova Scotia as often as I wanted.

Thanks so much for sharing your review of BECOME and for having me at your blog today, Nisa! You are truly the hostess with the mostest!

Me: I think that last question's harder than all the others put together, but I can't think of a better answer. Thank you, Ali! I'm so excited to be sharing this day with you. You are amazing and you raised an amazing book. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!


Now it's time to announce what you could win. The grand prize consists of one signed copy of Become, some great book swag and a $25 gift certificate from The same rules apply. Comment on this post and follow Ali's blog and mine. Also, visit her blog for other chances to win!

Thank you so much, Ali, for allowing me to be a part of your book launch. Your book is fantastic and deserves lots and lots of readers!

And thanks to the followers of this blog. Without you, so many amazing books would remain obscure.  

*All contest winners will be announced on Monday, November 14th. International contestants are eligible for e-book prizes only.


  1. There are books launching all over the place today! WOW!! I'm gonna need a new pair of reading glasses!! :)

  2. I love books, I love books, I love books.

    Fun interview - thanks!

  3. Yay! I'm so excited for Ali! Can't wait to read her book! :)

  4. I agree with Don - I've seriously seen like three or four book launches happening and they are all tearing up the Internet :) They're all on my TBR list.

  5. That is a great answer. I'd like to just have a transporter, though. Faster that way. =) Congrats to Ali and everyone today.

  6. awesomesauce giveaway! I'm excited to read Become. I've been looking forward to it!
    and I follow both blogs.

  7. Hopping around the tour - this is such an exciting and perfect day for Ali to be debuting!!! YAYAYAY!!

  8. Wow, Ali! Your book baby is out in the world. I hope it does well!

  9. Happy book birthday Ali -- so SO exciting!!

  10. I'm a follower and I already have Ali's book and you're right! It's fantastic! Couldn't lay it down!


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