Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten Word Tuesday: "On Life" Series

When life starts throwing knives, get out your favorite vegetables.


  1. This is really funny to me because one of my New Year's resolutions is to be a better cook. So I guess that's exactly what I did!

  2. *virtuously does not mention that tomatoes are fruit* O:)

    *grin* Yes. Cooking can be a great stress reducer when one takes life out on the hapless veggies and fruits. :)

  3. Aubrie, that is funny! How's that going for you? It's not a new resolution for me. It's a perpetual resolution. lol!

    Windy, I agree! Too bad my kidlets don't...

    Danyelle, hey! There's a carrot in there! It was the first photo I stumbled across. :P Yes, I'm a lazy blogger. I'm mean easy going! Yeah...

  4. ROTFL! I wish it was chocolate though. I mean, who likes veggies when life is throwing knives?? ;-)

  5. Nice! Sounds like time for a stir-fry!

  6. haha that's funny :-)

    OH and you WON my contest!!! If you me your address I'll get your prizes in the mail asap <3


  7. It's all perspective, isn't it?

    Thanks for poping over to my blog - and, so you don't think I'm completely insane -- I know Al didn't invent the internet. I'm teasing him. It probably dates me a bit but it goes back to when he was running for office and said he DID invent the internet. Silly boy.

    so nice to meet you :D

  8. Elana, you crack me up! How about this. "When life starts throwing knives, get out your favorite (insert food of choice here." Better? *grin*

    Sara, that is so awesome! Thank you!

    *blush* Tess, I kind of wondered that after I posted... Sorry! I am happy to meet you too. :D

    Thanks for your comments, everyone!

  9. Ha! Elana, I thought the same thing. And then I thought, "Thank goodness she said vegetables and not cheese. Sometimes life stinks bad enough."


    This is great!

  10. This is a great one for someone on a diet. Like me.

  11. LOVE it. Must be time for some stir fry!

  12. lol Kat!

    Eileen, gotta love those veggies! Unless you're names are Xander and Ethan... (my kids)

    Why yes, a lot of vegetable cooking going on this way! :D


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