Thursday, January 7, 2010

For the Love of Books!

It's contest time!!!! Contest is somewhat of a loose term it would seem because I'll be using to pick the winners. Yes, winners! Two to be exact! Ooh maybe we should talk about prizes. No, wait. Rules first. Then prizes. Okay, now that that's decided... (I'm tired and I get a little silly when I'm tired. Sorry!)

The Rules:
  • Like any good contest, you must be a follower in order to win.
  • You must comment on this post.
  • In that comment, you need to give me your favorite piece of writerly advice and your favorite resource for writing, whether that be a book or a website. Hey, I'm just starting out and I need to learn more! ;)
That's it! Easy, right?

So onto the fun! First prize is a $25 gift certificate at! For the love of books! Second prize is a random assortment of books I have in the house. Okay, honesty time. James and I bought each other duplicate copies of some books (we obviously need to coordinate better) so our loss is your gain. It doesn't get better than that!

The books are: Jim Butcher's Captain's Fury and books 1 and 2 of Michael Buckley's The Sisters Grimm series.

I'll keep the contest open through the weekend and announce the winner on Monday! Happy writing, everyone.


  1. Ooo! How fun!

    Best piece of writerly advice: What most published authors have in common, is not level of talent, number of connections, interesting books ideas, size of platform. What most published authors have in common is perseverence in the face rejection. Perseverence to keep writing, keep writing, keep writing.

    Best writing resource: Do I have to just pick one? Probably Writing the Breakout Novel workbook.

  2. Wonderful! I love contests!

    Best piece of writerly advice: Always start and end a chapter with a great line.

    Best writing resource: I have two, both by Donald Maass, "The Fire in Fiction", "Writing the Breakout Novel."

  3. Awesome! There are a lot of people doing contests this week.

    Best piece of advice: Write what you know, research what you don't know.

    Best writing resource: I recommend WOW, the Women on Writing blog.

  4. yay!

    advice - have faith that you are where you need to be.

    best writing - "The first five pages" by Noah lukeman

  5. I couldn't pass this up, Nisa!

    best advice? from me? Write something everyday. When I follow that, I am spot on.

    resource? Jeff Gerke at Where the map ends and ACFW!

    happy Thursday!

  6. Yay for contests! The best piece of advice for me would be:

    "When asked, 'How do you write?' I invariably answer, 'One word at a time.'"

    You just have to keep plugging away! My best resource is Nathan Bransford's blog, but that's probably not news to you or any other writer on the Internet.

  7. What a nice way to start the year off. Okay, my best piece of writerly advice is to love what you write and my greatest sources of writing knowledge comes from a miriad of how-to-write books. I couldn't possibly narrow it down to one, there are nuggets in every one that help me grow in this craft.

  8. Hooray! :)

    Different writing advice applies at different times, but today's best advice is to unplug and focus on the writing. Gee, wonder who said that to me yesterday. ;)



  9. Yeah! My best advice is to just do it, believe in yourself, and never give up! As for writing resources, try There are critique groups, OSC's writing lessons and more.

  10. Great contest, Nisa!

    My favorite writing book is Sol on Writing by Sol Stein. My favorite advice is to break any rules you want -- as long as they fit your writing style, story and voice. I do it all the time.


  11. Elana snagged my favorite craft book! I cannot recommend it enough, Sol Stein "stein On Writing." You will never be the same.

    Writerly advice: Study/Learn as if it all depends on you. Write as if it all depends on God. He is the best Author of all time!

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome contest!

  12. My favorite advice was what I actually blogged on earlier this week: Just Write. You have to write before you can re-write.

    As for my favorite resource: Writer's Digest, it has short & sweet articles and also recommendations on some great books too!

  13. Awesome contest!

    My best piece of advice is to always follow the BICHOK rule (butt in chair, hands on keyboard.

    And my favorite writer's resource is Absolute Write

  14. Woohoo!

    Favorite advice: Take ALL feedback into consideration. Readers have a totally different perspective!

    Resource: QueryTracker blog!

  15. Advice: Write a story that you love. Chances are, others will love it, too. And for a writing resource, this is somewhat broad... the internet. ENDLESS writing tips.

    Thanks for hosting an awesome contest!!!

  16. Wow I'm learning alot just from the comments!
    Resource: I like the blood red pencil site
    Advice: yikes! um...I've been learning how to use all five senses in big scenes (not just sight).

  17. Favorite writing resource: The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell. It's FULL of advice, too!

  18. Thanks for running this contest!

    I've offered this advice before on our blog chain: act like a professional writer from the start, and be courteous to other writers, agents, and editors.

    Favorite writing resourse: If you write science fiction, fantasy, or horror, it's a good place to find crit partners.

  19. Nisa! Cool contest. I couldn't live without Fire in Fiction and Writing the Breakout Novel. Both by Donald Maass. Exceptional. He's really good at explaining things.

    Best advice? Write every day. That's how you get better. Remember the old saying, "practice makes perfect?" Well it turns out it's true. All this talk about favorite writing resources is great, but you learn by doing. Your writing is your best teacher. I'm blogging about that next week. Happy weekend. :-)

  20. I'm late to the party. You've already given away the loot, but I thought I'd offer up the best advice I've heard anyway.

    That is: Critique partners are wonderful, but don't be afraid to listen to your heart. After all, they're your words.


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