Thursday, January 14, 2010

Poetry? Eh?

Shannon is hosting a poetry blogging day! While I write lyrics all the time, I had to go clear back to my high school days to find actual poetry. Yes, I'm subjecting you to high school poetry. Mwahaha!
Okay, now that I've gotten the evil laugh out of my system for the morning, welcome to my younger self.

Damp Reflections

Clutching softness in a changing past
As damp reflections sweep against a childish blush
Bittersweet emotions caress the only comfort
Suppressing emptiness
That gathers like thick clouds before a storm
Falling in circles though standing small and still
Confusion looking forward, staring through the past
Misty spray covers eyes full of memories
Thinking, dreaming, hoping, grasping
Damp reflections fall from troubled, blackened seas
Drowning in a shattered tide against the sharpness
Sacred innocence fading into night
Naive smiles dying with the fire
Bringing no solace, no help
Bearing no light, carrying no star
Nervously reaching out
Seizing endless fears
Watching dreams denied them
Changing seasons, turning tides
Damp reflections - tears lost with every memory


  1. Okay, how is it possible that you wrote something so beautiful in high school--meanwhile I wrote those monstrosities I posted yesterday in 8th grade? Why do I suck? :)

    Thank you SO much for posting and sharing--I really appreciate it. And I love the imagery of your poem. *Sigh* Why are people so much more talented than me?

    I hope lots of people find this and read it--it deserves high praise!

  2. I'm not a poet, boo hoo. The closest I get is being married to a song writer.

    Nisa, I left you a lovely little something at my blog.

  3. ummm okay. clearly you were a poet in high school! haha my teenage poems are ridiculous. Yours is good!

  4. Excellent. I absolutely refused to write poetry at any time of my life. Ever. :)

  5. Beautiful phrasing. Thank you for sharing, and for making me aware of poetry blogging day. :-)

  6. There's a lot of really lovely imagery there! I can't believe you wrote that in high school! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Poetry Day? Yay! I love it. Everyone always makes fun of poetry that is written by high schoolers, but I find it so authentic. It's raw, and I love it. (Well, most of it.) I do love this. Good job!

  8. Wonderful! I love poetry and if you wrote something that good in high school, then I'd love to see what you're up to now. :)

  9. Wow, what a beautiful poem! I'm jealous because I never could write poetry well.

  10. Thanks for following, Nisa.
    I think this is very good for HS. If you weren't poetry editor of the lit mag you deserved to be.
    I don't have any HS poems because when I was 17 I built a bonfire and burned them all!! Really!

  11. Whoa. I suck at writing poetry and you have a gift for it. That's just so not fair!

    I loved reading it. You need to post more. You and Pat(Tricia over at Talespinning) make beautiful music with your words. :-)

  12. Very nice :) My school stuff got burned - probably for very good reason!

  13. Very good for high school. I didn't start writing poetry until long afterwards. Thanks for posting and bring up poetry.

    p.s. I left you a little something on my blog!

  14. Shannon, I would say the difference between 8th grade and 11/12th grade is HUGE! Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Elle, thank you! You're so sweet! Hey, I write songs too. I think I do better at the lyrics than the composing, but I enjoy it.

    Sara, thanks! You've made my day! I've never thought of myself as a poet...

    lol Elana! I said the same thing about being a writer when I was younger. ;)

    Mary, you're welcome! I'm glad you joined in because now I'm dying to know more about your book! It sounds awesome!

    Valerie, thank you! I was a nerdy high schooler. I did academics and had zero social life and that's how I liked it. Then I discovered people in college. Man, they're fun! lol

    Kat, that's such a good point. Thank you!

    Rachelle, thanks! I'm up to my elbows in revisions for my fantasy novel. A LOT harder than poetry. lol

    Melissa, thanks so much. I love that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses though. It makes the world go round. We get to rely on and help each other out this way. :)

    Laura, wow! Thanks for compliment. The pyro in me is getting all excited about the mention of bonfires. *grin*

    Post more? haha! I can barely keep up as it is, but thank you so much, Robyn! I think if I spend any more time on the computer, my two year old might fall apart at the seems. ;)

    Jemi, I bet it was a pretty fire though. :D I'm the queen of dejunking. At least my husband swears that I am, but I never could throw away anything I wrote. I just store it out of the way in this nice little contraption called a computer.

    Yvonne, thank you! We reversed roles. I stopped writing it after high school... For the most part and, again, only if lyrics don't count... Okay, maybe I never really stopped. I just switched forms.

  15. OK, I love that! THe last few lines melted my heart. You're a poet!

  16. Thinking, dreaming, hoping, grasping...! Wow. That is what I feel my writing life is.

    Beautiful Nisa.

  17. Aw, I love it! Reading this makes me want to dig up some of my old high school poetry too!

  18. You guys rock! Thanks for making me feel so good!

    Kate, go for it and then post it! Better late than never! And I'm so happy your back! Hope your little one is sleeping for you!


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