Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Midweek Mixer

Wednesdays feature quotes and phrases that make me heady because we all need a boost to get us to the weekend.    

"To live is so startling, it leaves little time for anything else."
--Emily Dickinson

I've been doing a lot of living lately. I feel like everyone "lives" a little more around the holidays. How about you? Does life seem startling to you sometimes? Never? Always? 


  1. Yes! Especially when we challenge ourselves and learn and grow with our choices :)

  2. Things do seem to come alive during the holidays! :)

  3. I agree, I live more during holidays. I get prepped to see family, and gifts and things. It's always fun. Go have fun living!!!

  4. I think it's because we appreciate life more during the holidays.

  5. I feel as if I've been living this entire year very busily, and now I need a rest!

  6. That's a great way to put it. Yep, sometimes when I've been holed up for awhile (in my writing world or with my kids) it is a little shock to step outside and experience real life with other adults and fresh air -- lol! Good for you and I hope you continue to have a wonderful holiday season.


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