Monday, November 23, 2009

A Taste of the Touch Series

I am not sure I've ever posted a snippet of my novel on my blog so I thought I'd start the week out with a hint of the story I just finished. It needs a lot of revisions still, of course, and I'm so excited to get to them. Please, feel free to leave your thoughts. The genre is fantasy. Straight-up. Sorry, nothing urban or paranormal here. I'm just a traditional kind of gal. Enjoy!

Power pressed itself against the thief’s skin, gripping him tightly; it was as tangible and cool as an autumn wind. The brisk wave rushed though him and poured into every particle of his body from flesh to soul. It increased his awareness, slowed his heartbeat, quickened his reactions, heightened his senses in every aspect and filled him completely for the first time. He had only just caressed this kind of power before, now he kissed it, became one with it. It was heady and dizzying.

All doubts in his mind were decimated with one violent slash. He pulled his silver blades free from the sinews of his victim and wiped them clean of the blood. The touch of power held him firmly now and he knew that all he wanted, in good time, would be his. He could be patient. He had been patient.

The power, or Godgift as some would rather call it, had first been given consciousness around the age of eight. That was when he realized who he was and what he could do. It seized control of him many times since then, but now they were one in purpose. Now he could control it. When the world was still, it called him by name and whispered its ideals. It hadn't always been so, but now they were his ideals as well. He had always known the power; had been comfortable with it residing inside of him, but, like the wind, had never seen it.

Now he viewed it with open eyes. He hungered for it.


  1. Oh, I love this line: When the world was still, it called him by name and whispered its ideals.


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