Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacation Inspiration

Mammoth Caves

Greenfield Village

I was MIA for the first five weeks of the summer, but that doesn't mean I stopped working. One of the great things about writing is that you need inspiration to do it and you can gather inspiration no matter where you are or what you're doing. I hope you find a few of these vacation shots as motivational as I do!

TennesseeGreenfield Village

Indianapolis Zoo

Greenfield Village

Cincinnati, OH

Xander and Ethan, my
greatest source of inspiration.


  1. Bet the last picture contents kept you busy!

  2. Nice pics, Nisa! We went to Mammoth Cave NP on our year-long roadtrip. Liked it a lot.

  3. Beautiful! I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation.

  4. Jinksy, constantly! lol! I wouldn't have it any other way.

    That sounds like so much fun, Susan!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

  5. Gorgeous pictures. Kind of makes you want to write a story set in a bucolic farm-town.

  6. Hi, Nisa!! So glad you stopped by my blog and introduced yourself! I really appreciated your comment.

    Love your pictures. I'm from Central Kentucky, so I've been around many of the areas you pictured above. Gland you found some new inspiration. We sometimes need that renewa..

  7. Lovely pictures. looks like a wonderful trip.


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