Friday, December 4, 2009


So I discovered this beautiful piece of technology called google reader. I know. I realize I'm probably the last to know, but hey! If anyone is a little less than tech savvy, you have my empathy and instant friendship because I obviously didn't hear about this baby when it first came out and I'd love to let you know how helpful it is. I am actually keeping up with all the blogs I follow now. It's amazing! I love that I just have to go to one place and it's all there. Check it out! One more reason to love gmail.

Now to keep up posts on my own blog. My biggest problem is that I'm just not sure what topics should be covered here. I update my WiP status every now and again, but what is it that makes someone interested in returning to blogs for more. I can think of two things that drive my love of certain blogs. 1. Information. Really, I am sort of devouring all the info on this business that my sweet, little brain can handle and since I am just learning, I really don't have much to offer most people in this area. 2. Humor. Oh my gosh, there are some hilarious people in this world! I love to laugh and funny is a bit of an addiction for me, but putting it into my own blogging? For some reason, I struggle with that.

I guess what I'm wondering is where do you come up with your ideas/inspirations for your posts? I could use some creative juice over here! I've got mango and pineapple but I'm fresh out of creative... All the sunshine is going to my head. ;)


  1. Hah! I still haven't figured out google reader. I just use my dashboard. >.<
    Ideas seem to wait in dark alleys. Watching. Then pouncing on the poor unsuspecting heroine that everyone in the audience is screaming at to Not Go Back There! I think the most important thing is to be yourself. :D

  2. I LOVE google reader. As for post, random stuff inspires our blog. Which is probably why it's so random. Wish I had better tips for you!

  3. No worries! I love the comments anyway. I love your blog's randomness. :)

    Danyelle, no wonder I can't find them. My dad's favorite piece of advice was to stay out of dark alleys. I actually listen. (Well, most of the time.) Guess it's time to pull out the flashlight!


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