Monday, December 21, 2009

Blame It On the Mistletoe

Sherrinda is hosting a fun day today and I'm kind of excited about it. Today is Official Kissing Day in Honor of Mistletoe and we're supposed to post a kissing scene from our WIP. Mine is from "Power's Touch". In this scene, Nakine, the MC, is following her friend, Dreiyn, who is in turn following Gramble. I think it would be more interesting if you knew the history of the characters, of course, but I hope you enjoy regardless!

      Her skin began to rise in tiny bumps as she realized too late what was happening. Gramble had disappeared near the pavilion and her thoughts had distracted her from seeing where he’d gone. Dreiyn’s expression of confusion warned her that he hadn’t noticed either. He was walking into a trap! No sooner had she formed the thought than Gramble was on top of him, knife to his throat.
      “Spirit and Flesh,” she swore.
      “Why are you following me?” Gramble hissed.
      She moved swiftly from her own hiding place, strutting to them with one hand on her hip, before a plan had even come to her.
      “I would never try and follow you, Lehnan,” Dreiyn said confidently.
      “I don’t believe you,” Gramble’s eyes narrowed to cat-like slits.
      “Boys, boys, play nice. There are ladies present.” She let a flirtatious smile adorn her lips as she took them both in.
      “This isn’t your affair, Nakine.” Gramble eyed her suspiciously.
      She smiled seductively, “It was supposed to be. Dreiyn asked me to meet him here for the promise of an,” she hesitated and hoped she sounded alluring as she continued, “an entertaining evening. I would hate for you to ruin that for me.”
      With a sinister leer, Gramble said, “You two eh? I always suspected as much.” He rubbed at his chin and then withdrew the dagger from Dreiyn’s neck. Dreiyn blinked in confusion, but took the opportunity to stand.
      “I would hate to ruin the fun.” He took a few steps toward Nakine then, taking her chin in his hands, “Perhaps you and I should meet here at a later time.”
      She smiled at him, brushing her fingers across his cheek, “I’m not opposed to the idea. I like a man who can hold his own.“ She winked. Dreiyn’s mouth dropped. She ignored him.
      Gramble’s sick grin became even wider before turning to Dreiyn. “You’re lucky this one is here to vouch for you. If I ever find that you really are following me…” He let the glint of his blade emphasize his meaning. “Next time, I won’t hesitate to just kill you.”
      Dreiyn nodded and flashed a congenial smile. “I would never get in your way, Gramble. I know better.”
      Gramble snorted, unimpressed. “See that you don’t. Lieutenant or no, you’ll be dead. Maybe we’ll replace you with Nakine.” He seemed to think this was a great joke and laughed as he walked away. Nakine watched his every step from the corner of her eye. She saw him duck behind a few trees, but a bit of cloth hung to one side. He’d stayed to watch. She wanted to roll her eyes.
      “Maybe I should save him the trouble and kill you myself,” she muttered under her breath.
      Dreiyn stepped in front of her with anger’s fire lighting his blue eyes. He opened his mouth but before he could say anything, she wrapped her arms about his neck and kissed him firmly on the lips, pulling him into a tight embrace. He did not step away like she thought he would, but the kiss ended all too soon.
      “What are…”
      She cut him off with a harsh whisper, “Gramble is watching.”


  1. What a great scene! I enjoyed it thoroughly. Happy kissing day!

  2. Excellent! And hee hee! Like Gramble is still watching! I love it. :)

  3. Love the set up and the characters. Would certainly read this story. Nice job of leaving Gramble to spy.

  4. Thanks for sharing this scene! I love that she takes control of the situation. Happy Kissing Day!

  5. Ooh I like this Nisa! I didn't expect her to grab his neck and kiss him. A nice surprise :)

  6. I like this and with the bad guy watching! I'm curious to know if they will kiss again, but have it not end so soon

  7. Awesome scene! Full of surprises!

  8. Wow, this is a great one with a sense of danger in it, too!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Sounds very interesting! I love unexpected kisses almost as much as I love expected kisses-lol. Good job!

  10. Unexpected kisses are the best, even with the bad guy watching. :-)

  11. Ooooo, an unexpected kiss with an audience! I am so loving this one...I just wanted the kiss to last LONGER! lol Awesome job! Thanks so much for participating and making the day so much fun!

  12. Natalie, thank you! It's been a fun day, hasn't it?

    Elana, thanks! Gramble is a sad, sad man.

    Angie, thank you!

    Tricia, that means a lot! Thank you!

    Amalia, Nakine takes control of everything. She definitely has a mind of her own. lol!

    T. Anne, I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks!

    Kelly, ha! Like Nakine would give Bramble the satisfaction. ;) Romance isn't really my forte. The novel is most definitely fantasy and romance lite. Thank you!

    Thank you, V.S. I've always liked surprises!

    Eileen, thanks! They're all thieves so danger comes with the territory. :)

    Thanks, Karen! The tension before a kiss is great, but sometimes they just need to come out of the blue. :)

    C.R. Ward, and, boy, is he bad! I do love those unexpected kisses.

    Sherrinda, this is just book one. Give me a few more and they might get longer. lol! Thank you for the brilliant idea. I'm always wondering what in the world I should blog about.

  13. That was so great! You are amazing! :)

  14. I love stong women characters! "Spirit and Flesh" is a fantastic expression of exasperation! It really set me in the scene :)

  15. I love it. Strong female characters are the best!

  16. Very nice! I can't wait to get there. :D

  17. Ooh, exciting. This is amazing.

    I loved it!

    Jenni James

  18. Aww... Thanks, Melissa! How's your WiP coming?

    Sara, thank you! The best part of writing fantasy is making all that stuff up. :D

    Lisa and Laura, amen! Nakine is definitely that.

    Danyelle, so I modified this scene when I put it up. You have an old version. Ahhh!

    Jenni, Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it!

  19. ooohh love it! I like how she took control!!

  20. This was such an exciting scene to read! I'm dying to know more about everything!!

  21. Thank you for your comments! They really make my day.

    Christina, she takes control all right... lol!

    Bethany, I'm so glad you enjoyed the scene. :)

  22. Oooh, fun! I love a sassy-take charge kind of gal! Great scene!

  23. Thanks, y'all! Thanks for taking the time to read it!


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