Friday, August 28, 2009

After the Bust comes the Boom

I know I'm not alone in the ups and downs of writing. The booms and the busts seem to be normal for just about everyone. I have been in a writing recession for several days now and I'm realizing that writing is a lot like the economy. Okay... it's nothing like that, BUT, bad joke aside, my personal withdrawal from writing ended today! I took the advice of a spectacular friend (Thanks, Sade) and skipped ahead to a scene I'd been dying to write (that pun might have been a little intentional, but sadly no one will get it but me. Well, until now. :P) and finally wrote more than 200 words in a single sitting. I'm so excited! I do have to go back of course, eventually... Actually, it was really hard for this organizational nut to jump ahead when the previous scenes had yet to be written. Normally, I go scene by scene, moment by moment. I can't force myself to leap forward when my characters are stuck in a distant past! I almost felt like I was abandoning them. Ha ha! But I did it and I think it put things back in perspective for me and the moments I missed will now be better because of it.

How about you? Do you write your novels in any sort of order, chronological or otherwise, or do you jot down notes and skip from middle to end to beginning with reckless abandon? It seems like most people just sit down and type whatever comes to mind and somehow end up with brilliant works of art, but maybe that's just me getting the wrong impression. :D


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