Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Like the Moon

After running faster than I was meant to and flying even though I have no wings, reality is starting to sink in. What in the world am I doing?? I'm sure this is just a cycle similar to those the moon experiences and if that's so, I'm at the "new moon"
phase; complete and utter darkness or the equivalent of panic! I've been reading about critique groups and contemplating what I should do about finding one. I'm moving in just a meager 45 days and so finding one in my area is out, though that's the method I would prefer. Soon we'll be living in the Bahamas and I'm not sure of how anything will work there having never spent any time on an island before. Will I be able to find a group there? I hope so! Will I be able to get to that group once I find them? Again, nothing but hope. (I'm legally blind and don't actually drive...) Well, all those thoughts aside, my only option now would be to find a group on-line. I started my search after reading several blog entries on the subject, but nothing felt right. Then I read this. That's when the real panic set in. It's not that I'm afraid of critiques. I have a bachelor degree in music, vocal performance no less. Being critiqued was almost a daily occurrence and yes, sometimes it stings, but it's always meant to make me better. No, this anxiety-induced state was brought on when I realized, only naturally, that in being critiqued, I would have to critique others. I haven't sat in a formal English class since high school. I opted to waive out of all the requirements for college (except one Shakespeare class) thanks to my AP English class. I never thought I'd be trying to write for a living... I was never great with punctuation, though I did love diagramming sentences. Sick I know, but I thought it was fun. Still, I couldn't tell you what was what now! And as I read all the amazing things others write, I have to ask myself how I could possibly add anything brilliant to what they've already done? How could any critique I might give actually be helpful? What good would I be to them? So critique group for me? I don't think so! I'm going to hide under the bed and wait for a full moon. Well, at least wait until I can brush up on all things writing technical. That could be a very, very long time coming.

Oh! And yes, I do realize this is no reason to panic. Really, I do...


  1. You can do this, Nisa. You don't have to be great at technical writing to do a good job critting. Grammar and I are associates. Sometimes we mingle more than other times, but that's okay. I know people who happen to be good at grammar. They're great help. My strengths lie elsewhere. I'm the one constantly donning a mustache and telling the characters (and author) to lie on the black couch and tell me how they feel. We all have different strengths, and there are different things we bring to the table. You'll be okay. I promise. :D

    That said, critting helped me grow in writing (and grammar) so much faster than I could have just writing or reading books about writing (and grammar). The key is to find a group your comfortable with, because both critting and being critted can sometimes be a painful experience. But so is growing, and that's what will happen if you go forward.

    You can do this. :D

  2. You are so awesome! I will dig in for all that it's worth and you're so right about everyone having different strength. Thank you!


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