Friday, May 8, 2009

It Had to Have Flowers

City of the Dead - Cairo, Egypt

A few other bloggers have been writing short stories this month and the only criteria was that it had to do with flowers. I actually wasn't going to participate because I've been so focused on my novel, but I sat down and wrote these lyrics this morning and thought I'd share an excerpt. It's not a short story, but it does tell a story (in its entirety.) and it does have flowers in it! And, yes, it does have a melody which is not on paper yet. I wish I could share the whole thing, but I did make sure to post the section with the flower.

You're Still There


A wraith watching every move I make
You're still there
Though I saw them place you in your grave
You're still there
And it's so hard not to think of you
When you're still so close, I don't want to move
If you love me, you know what to do
Your breath calls me home
But you're still there


When the rose grows wild, its thorns scrape across my core
When the light goes out and there's literally nothing more
When there's simply nothing left
Will you leave me then?
I envision worlds carved from black
Fear whispers you're not coming back
But I know you're still there


  1. Wow, nicely done. I'm glad you decided to join the party, because this was fun to read through. If it becomes a huge hit on the music scene, we can say we saw it all here first.

  2. So totally cool! I love it so much. I had no idea you wrote great lyrics too!

  3. Nice : ) ... leave it to a writer to approach the situation from such a creative angle : )

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    Christine, in this one way I'm not new. I've been writing lyrics since I was a kid! (Hopefully there's been vast improvement since then. lol!)

  5. Very nice. I love your imagery!

  6. Thank you so much, Windsong!

  7. Wow, this is beautiful! Do you ever record your work? I'd love to hear the finished version when it's ready.

  8. I actually haven't really pursued it that far. I just write them up in Finale and occasionally make really bad copies of me singing them using Windows Media Player... Believe me, they wouldn't be fun to listen to. (Plus I'm a coward. I know, what am I doing writing then? I'll get back to you on that.)


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