Monday, March 23, 2009

What Am I Doing?

I have to say this might not be the best career choice for me. Just because I love to do it, doesn't mean I'm good at it! I just posted the first paragraph of my novel onto a site where it can be constructively critiqued and my nerves are flitting out of control. I am so scared! Honestly, I know critiquing is subjective, but I'm afraid I haven't even got the basics down. I haven't stepped into an English class for over 10 years and I've never taken a creative writing class. I'm afraid the critiques will be so massive, Like surgery after a heart attack, I might never recover from the shock! Okay, am I being a tad dramatic? Sure! Don't I earn that right just claiming to be an author? Okay, maybe not... Still, wish me like. I'm sweating bullets. And yes, I like cliches! (Especially when I can twist them, but even when I can't, I still enjoy them.)

Maybe I should stick with writing as a hobby. On the other hand, I wrote some amazing lyrics yesterday. The kind were you sit back and tell yourself those actually were pretty clever. With me being the most self-critical person on the planet, you can imagine this doesn't happen very often so stand up and do a happy dance with me. Okay, stay sitting at your computer zoning out on this incredibly schizophrenic post. I'm going to go hide under my bed until it's safe to come out.


  1. Oh, I know the feeling. Putting your work out there is always so hard! Just remember to take the crits with a grain of salt (how's that for a cliche).

  2. It's a cliche I can get behind! ;)

  3. My own rule of thumb is that if I feel excited about making suggested changes, they are good suggestions. If I don't, then forget it. The feeling excited to make changes doesn't usually come instantly, though. I have to read back over the story with the suggestions in mind and see if they work for me. All you have to tell your critiquer is, "thanks for you comments."


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