Saturday, March 21, 2009

Playing with Words

I'm just starting out as a writer, my genre being fantasy, and I have little to no experience. This is just a blog for me to get down on paper so to speak what I've learned, review books (usually the frivolous kind), log fun and interesting observations and keep track of my own progress. Right now, my goals are small and simple. I've written 90% of my first book, but it was being weighed down by back story so I've dropped it for a time while I write its prequel. My goal is to just write a line per day. If that's all that I do, I'll be happy with it at this point. Once I've written it, I plan on going back to the first book to do a rewrite.

I'm a stay at home mom and have plenty keeping me busy for the moment. I don't want writing to become a stress. I want it to be the fantasy world I can run to and enjoy in my downtime. When my kids are all school age, I'll be able to attack this more aggressively, but for now motherhood calls!

Why do I write then if I'm so busy? Because I love it! There is no greater feeling than the one that comes as you create. The means doesn't matter: writing, composing, art, architecture, organizing, dancing, children... It is the most beautiful, magical feeling possible and I'm happy to spend even a little time reveling in this power to create. It's ethereal!


  1. A line a day is a great goal! And I agree, it is worth it to find time for writing even on the busiest days!


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