Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christine Fonseca Week: Day 3

This week, please welcome Christine Fonseca to the blog. She is the queen of conveying emotion. Her novella, Dies Irae, is both powerful and dynamic. I won't say anymore and just let the week-long interview with Christine speak for her and her works. Since no party is complete without a giveaway, make sure to come back on Friday.

As a gypsy, I'm fascinated with all things travel so I have to ask you where your favorite spot is on Earth? I have not been EVERYWHERE, but so far—the Italian country side, Tuscany region to be exact. I would happily take a year off and just go live there, Under-the-Tuscan-Sun style.

Have your travels influenced your writing? I would have to say that everything influences my writing—including both physical travels, and psychological ones.

Beach or mountains? Definite toss up, but I have to go with beach. I love water.


  1. Oh fun! I will be back on Friday, and now I want to go to Tuscany even more!

  2. These are fun, I like this interview format. And I second the Beach vote. A perfect choice!


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