Friday, April 22, 2011

Advice to Children and a GIVEAWAY

There is nothing more important than children. NOTHING! Teaching them, giving them advice and helping them is the highest calling on Earth, in my opinion. I'm a teacher by default because I'm a mom, but in the ignorance of my youth I always said I never wanted to be a teacher. I knew how hard it would be. At least I thought I did. Being a mom is harder than I ever imagined, but it's also the most rewarding thing ever. I am sure teachers feel the exact same way. Anyway, this is all going somewhere. (I do ten-word Tuesdays to prove to myself that I can be succinct. Now you know why. ;D)

The amazing Christine Fonseca is celebrating the launch of her book 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids and has invited her blog readers to participate by post advice they would give to children.

In order to help bring more attention to this, I will be hosting a giveaway of three education books that I've found useful while homeschooling (new copies, I'm keeping mine). All followers of my blog are automatically entered and I'll give you an extra entry for a comment, one for each method you use to spread the news about the contest (facebook, twitter, etc.), and five extra entries if you blog about it. I'll announce the winner on May 2nd. Unfortunately, I'm going have to limit the contest to people in the US.

Now for my advice coming from my favorite quote, "Pain is inevitable, misery is optional." As you go through the hard points in life, remember that you get to choose how you can react to it. You truly are in control of you. While storms rage around you, your attitude can have a greater impact than thunder and lightning, floods and earthquakes. You can be more creative, more uplifting, than they are destructive. Therein lies true beauty.


  1. Great contest, Nisa! I'll put a link on my sidebar and tweet it for you.

  2. Great advice. You're right about motherhood being so difficult, but so rewarding. Some days it's hard to remember that!

  3. This is the kind of advice to stick on a post-it and keep on the mirror, car, kitchen, my own forehead!

    Yay, a contest! :) Okay, I'll tweet and facebook about it!

  4. I follow on gfc. Thanks for the chance!

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. THAT was a great quiote. Hey I used that magnet book when I taught 2-3 grade!! Awesome!

  6. Great advice, Nisa! Hope you had a beautiful and blessed Easter! :)

  7. Great advice for hard days!


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