Friday, March 18, 2011

My, Oh My!

Yep. I'm having a 'My, Oh my!' moment.

I am ten chapters away from completing my first revisions ever. I am beyond thrilled and, yes, a tad surprised that I've actually come this far. My epic fantasy, Power's Touch, is sitting at just under 100k right now. My goal this week is to finish the revisions. If I can start on round 2 of revisions, I'll consider that a bonus. Maybe I'll even attempt a synopsis. Now I'm REALLY feeling ambitious.

How is your writing going? Where are you in the process?


  1. Great news! I wish you luck with your last ten chapters.

    I'm about 10k away from finishing my WIP. I'm about 43k in right now. It's a YA fantasy.

  2. Hurray on finishing those revisions! Can't wait to hear that you are DONE them! (until the next round, that is! Haha!)

  3. Yay for revisions!! That is so awesome! It's such an amazing feeling being DONE!! :D

  4. How's the progress? Now I'm about 8k away. Didn't get anything done this weekend, but I hope to work on it again today.

  5. Good luck, Theresa! You can knock that last 8k out of the park!

    Thanks, Chantele!

    Ali, don't remind me! I'm taking a break in between to critique other people's stuff. I think I need it. lol

  6. Keep at it! Revisions are tough, but so rewarding. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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