Monday, May 10, 2010

Darkness and Silver Linings

It's just the beginning of a very crazy summer for me (and the temperature won't dispute that one bit), so with a little bit of sadness, I'm announcing that this blog will be dark from now until September. Between traveling (a lot of traveling including a 2 month stay in UT/CO), family obligations and the usual to-do list, something's gotta give and for the moment, the blog is getting the ax. I'll still check your blogs now and again because I'll miss you terribly if I don't.

To go out with a bang, I'd like to pass on my latest award. Thank you, Kayeleen, for giving me the Silver Lining Award! I find that quite a few of your blogs help me to see the silver lining, but I can't list all 100+ of my favorite blogs (and people). I figure you have all summer to look over this list, so I am going all out. I've picked 40 from my favorite's list- ten for each month I'll be away. I had to narrow it down somehow! (For the most part, I grabbed the first blogs google reader brought up.)

Jenni James - How she does it all, I will never know!
Susan R. Mills - Her cute shoe to writing analogies are awesome!
Sara McClung - Funny, cute and she's running a vampire contest at the moment! Go check it out!
Cheree Smith - The title of her blog is Justified Lunacy. Enough said.
Christine Fonseca - She's sweet and honest. You'll love her!
L. T. Eliot - Always has great posts.
Natalie Whipple - This woman has more talent in a single strand of hair than I have in my whole body and it's safe to say I'm not exaggerating.
Kelly Lyman - She is one of the most determined people I have ever met. It's truly inspiring!
Beth Revis - Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a high school English class? You will after you check out Beth's blog. She's amazing! ;)
Wendy Paine Miller - Wendy is one of the most thoughtful (as in deep thinking) people I know and I guarantee you'll instantly feel welcome at her blog.
Christina Lee - For a load of writing fun and fashion, check out this blog. You'll love Christina too!
T. Anne - Each post ends with a thought-provoking question, which I love.
Lisa and Laura - Hilarious. Every post is an adventure!
Shannon Whitney Messenger - It's always fun to read about her journeys into publishing.
Kiersten White - She is quite a storyteller and her blog shows her talent. I can't wait to get my hands on her upcoming book!
Terresa Wellborn - I don't know where she finds the photos, quotes and poems to go with her thoughts, but they're always spot on and amazing!
Laurel - One of the most kind people in the blogosphere and that's saying a lot because there are a lot of kind people in the writing community.
Tricia J. O'Brien - Not only is she a very talented poet, but she sure can point and click! Her photo/haiku combinations are breathtaking.
Sarah Bromley - Sarah is an amazing person with an amazing blog.
Rachelle J. Christiansen - Check out her book "Wrong Number" if you love a good mystery. It's great!
Jaime Theler - For a new word a week, run to her blog. It's a lot of fun for the word nerds out there like me. :)
Suzette and Bethany - These kind and funny sisters write awesome posts and host sweet contests.
Nichole Giles - Go here for a healthy dose of happy!
Ali Cross - She might be taking a blogging hiatus, but she's still getting a spot in my list because she's awesome!
Elana Johnson - If you don't know how cool Elana and her blog are yet, go now! Run, don't walk!
Michelle McLean - Friday just wouldn't be as great without the funny gems Michelle digs up!
Jeannie - Her blog isn't called Jeannie's Happy World for nothing! I love her Monet Mondays.
Elizabeth Mueller - She deserves a prize for being the sweetest blogger in the blogosphere. And she's got talent too!
Danyelle Leafty - Have you ever read her words? They're memorizing, enchanting! Another blog to run, not walk to.
Danyelle Ferguson - One very uplifting blog.
Christine K. Bryant - Between her great blog guests and her own awesome posts, this blog is well worth your time.
Shannon O'Donnell - She's more like pure gold than silver lining. I don't think even the dreary gray clouds could stay that way for long around her.
Shelley - One amazing author. We're all big fans at my house.
Katie Ganshert - If you ever have trouble counting your blessings, go to Katie's site. She is so kind and uplifting!
Windy Aphayrath - Her blog is a fun and informative kind of random. I love it!
Amalia T. - Besides having a gorgeous name, she is queen as far as knowing mythology goes. Her blog fascinates me. Plus, she's an amazing person. Don't you love extras? ;)
Lynette LaBelle - Her fun Fridays are my favorite, but all of her posts are great!
Daisy Whitney - Daisy is one of the coolest people I've never met and her blog is definitely a favorite.
Mercedes M. Yardley - She's quirky and creative. You'll love her blog and her whimsical horror.
Angie Lofthouse - Her posts are informative and inspirational!

And as a bonus, here are four of the best book review sites I've found:
Kristi at The Story Siren
Rachael at Book Love: Teen
The Literati Read and
Searching for a good read?

I hope you all have a fantastic summer!


  1. Have a fun summer! We'll have to meet when you're in UT.

  2. Have a great summer! SO sorry I won't get to meet you in UT (plans canged) - but maybe one day!

    ANd thanks, too, for brightening my day!

  3. Congrats on the award. Have a wonderful summer!

  4. No more Ten Word Tuesdays!?

    This makes me sad . . .

  5. Have a great summer! We'll miss you Nisa!

  6. Thank you so much! You will be missed, but I hope you have a great summer. I'll be blogging on the light side myself through the summer months. We'll catch up when you return.

  7. Oh, my gosh! I miss you already, Nisa! Four whole months? Please pop in and say hi to me once in a while.

    Thank you so much for the award and the sweet things you said. Have a happy summer, friend! :-)

  8. I hope you enjoy a safe and happy summer - we'll see you in September! :)

  9. Nisa, You've moved me tonight. Thank you. And thanks for the list of other blogs to check out.

    Man, we will miss you.
    ~ Wendy

  10. Have a great summer and enjoy your time off. :)

  11. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words and for brightening my day. And, boy, did you put some effort into all those links! I hope your summer off is both restful and adventuresome. We'll sure be glad when you're back!

  12. Thanks so much for the shout out ;) We'll miss you around here! Maybe you can email me you 10-word Tuesday things?!? They help me stay determined and encourage me in so many ways! have a great summer traveling and can't wait to have you back in September!

  13. 喜樂的心是健康良藥,憂傷的靈使骨枯乾。........................................

  14. Wow! Enjoy all your travels and time off.

  15. Ooh, good decision. Thanks for the mention! And I can not WAIT to see you and the kidlets when we meet up! We should drag them to the DK and demand that they feel the magic.


  16. Enjoy your summer! We'll miss you!!! And thanks for the shout out!

  17. omg so many awards!! congrats to you, and congrats to everyone!
    have a phenomenal summer!!

  18. Just as I get back, you leave. But I do understand. Have a lovely summer and know I love you lots. Congrats to all the winners and to you. Be safe, Nisa! *hugs*

  19. just the list I was looking for. I'll be sure to check some of these out. Your blog seems great. You've lived in some great places, I'm very excited to see what you write

  20. 珍惜當下..活在當下..祝大家都平平安安健健康康! ..................................................

  21. Enjoy your summer!! We'll always be here, you know! :)

  22. Well, sorry I missed this post, dear. Thanks so much for the link! Hope you have a terrific summer and I'd better get to see you while you are out this way! *hugs*


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